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April 2012

Art of Destruction (pics)
A little aftershock at the coffee shop (+  two eq before & after pics)

March 2012

Visit to the Cathedral (photo's)

December 2011

Scary Bridge Experience (Dec 23rd Aftershocks)

November 2011

Popular: Red Zone bus tour with photographs

Arts Centre pics (+ some All Blacks)

September 2011

Pics (Knox Church, Victoria Street clock)

One Year in Quakytown  (and feeling LUCKY)

Post Aftershock Activity (calming myself with macaroon baking)

August 2011


Nightmares and a very funky bridge pic

To the Points (only partly earthquake related - a couple of pics)

Popular: Freaky (Theatre special effects, courtesy of Mother Nature)

June 2011

Popular: A Little bit Rockin' (more broken stuff and scarily accurate aftershock analysis)

Popular: Quaky Cat (June Aftershocks pics)

June Aftershocks #3 (should the city be rebuilt?)

June Aftershocks #2 (pic)

The 'June Aftershocks' #1

Christchurch 'Before' (video)

Predictions of Doom

April 2011

Power Cut

Ugly Home Renovation - home-made earthquake security

Microchipping - to keep track of earthquake cats (crazy cat lady post)

Perfect Timing - the Aftershock we missed


You Know You Live in Christchurch When

March 2011

Piccies from my University Photovoice

An Aftershock Vid from Youtube

Venturing Out (eek!)

The Predictor Guys - what are they about?

Popular: Rather Have Aftershocks - The joys of liquefaction dust

Popular: A Case of Want to Stay in Bed-ness - the title says it all...

You Made a Difference - From Clara Showalter

Run for Christchurch - the awesomeness of fellow bloggers

Aftershock Sample Pack - for some reason I thought the world needed to know about the different types of aftershock.

Plumbed - the arrival of my beloved R.O.

Predictor Guys

Perils of Housework  - this one is only partly earthquake related; it's the one where I put my back out loading the dishwasher.  Really needed that.  This post also has pics of my poor, traumatised pussy cats.

The Furries - my answer to Clara's question about donating for 'earthquake pets'

The Magnificence - starting to get it back together with a wild salmon (as you do).

Fudging - this one mentions the memorial service, which at the time I seem to have had an issue with. It should be remembered that I was actually having an issue with everything right about then.

In summary - I spent most of March 2011 in a supremely bad, stressed out mood, drank a lot of wine and then herniated a disc in my back. Finally, I started to pull myself together.

February 2011

Popular: All Quaked Up - The Feb 22 experience.

After this point, earthquakes were very much on my mind and made blog appearances frequently. The writing isn't very good in places - I was having extreme difficulty focusing my thoughts.

Ms. Average Earthquake Survivor - a super-long one where I describe the frustration of trying to get water from a council water truck that was a no-show. It's a bit rambly and I can see now how stressed I actually was.

Non-Traumatising Quake Pics - a little light-hearted relief from the media onslaught of death and destruction

Must Read: Quake Tips

Popular: Mental

Popular: 'The Suck' - yup, it was really beginning to grind by this point...

Popular: Spout - the joys of finally getting a plumber to show up.

December 2010

Finally, by December, the aftershocks were beginning to get my attention.

Quake pics - December 18

On December 26 we had a large and relatively damaging aftershock. I was starting to 'feel it' and comprehend that things weren't going to just spring back to normality.  I wrote this piece:

My Poor Wee City

I note that I called the boxing day quakes 'Quake #2'. Most people remember only two quakes, but for those that were here, the boxing day quake was not just another aftershock.

Pics taken after the Boxing Day Quake

Things then began to settle and I didn't mention earthquakes again until February, when Mother Earth really began to get on my nerves.

September 2010

I find these very first earthquake posts to be, in retrospect, quite interesting. I really didn't make a big deal of it. The thing is, the first quake was scary, but the over-riding feeling was relief. I'd always been scared of the possibility of an earthquake and when it happened, I survived it with only a minor, non blog-worthy injury. So did everyone else (excepting one heart-attack fatality). I expected at this stage that things would quickly revert to normal and that, although there would be aftershocks, the worst was done and dusted.

I was blissfully naive of certain realities about those aftershocks - like the fact that they could be quite big and that they would continue for more than a year. The idea of another big quake didn't seem remotely possible.  Media coverage was consistently positive - we were reminded daily how lucky we all were. Everyone was activated toward getting back to normal and I clearly didn't feel that the level of the disaster warranted much blog love.

I got on with posting food and travel pics interspersed with a bit of gentle whining about my study and work schedule (what else are blogs for?).

The First Earthquake Post

The Second Earthquake Post

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