Articles and Popular Posts

Research Reviews and Critiques

Weight Loss

Self-Monitoring for Weight Loss

The World Wants you to Eat It! - Things that make us overeat

Showdown with The Scales - What to do when the numbers make you cry.

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day for Dieters?

Bouncing Back from Dietary Deviation

Short Articles / Blog Posts 


Thyroid Hormones and Weight Rebound

Blame your Mother

Snooze to Lose

Posts about my Recovery from Early Osteoarthritis - Oh, the things I did!

Arthritis - Blood Type Diet (first post after I found I had arthritis)

Blood Type Diet / Genotype Diet


Detox Diet

Progress Update - Seven months into the diet changes

General Health & Wellbeing

The Missing Link: It takes more than great nutrition to be healthy.

Nutritional Medicine

Glandular Fever Protocol

Cholesterol Series

#1 Curcumin

Binge Eating

Mostly a collection of posts (more coming)

Scale Tale (what happened to my weight when I stopped dieting/bingeing)

One Year Binge Free!

Book Reviews

The Hungry Years

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