Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Popular Post Update / Clothes Purge

The world of blogging is very strange. I can spend weeks researching and writing a post that I think is incredible, only to have it flop in terms of views, or I can make a short and quirky post that people seem to love.

This post (click for link) is one of the latter. It's from the end of 2011 and features my niece, Miss J delivering a happy new year message and singing in German. It also discusses how to embed audio into a blogger post.

That post has had over 11,000 views! I'm not sure how many are from bots but it's still a Fit to Blog success story. This week I even got a message from a reader telling me that the audio files no longer work.

So, I headed over there and fixed that up, learning a few things in the process. The HTML code has changed and the old one doesn't work any more. So, if you've used the previous instructions on your own blog, then you currently have a broken post.  You'd better head over there and learn the new way.

Simplifying and Organising Update

This last weekend I made some major inroads in my simplifying mission.  I finally faced up to my clothes issue.

Seriously, I'm a clothes hoarder. I just love buying clothes and like to have a variety of styles and colours. I'll never be a clothes minimalist. I'm also not averse to keeping something for sentimental reasons.  I have some handmade velveteen (yes..) crimson bellbottom pants with a shoelace fly that I bought in my early twenties and wore to many fun parties and concerts. I would only wear them now for some kind of dress-up party, but I feel like they've earned their place in my wardrobe, as have the cargo pants that stuck with me through numerous international adventures.

However, those items are few and most of my clothes stash was just junking up my life. 

The method I used this time is:

Dump everything on the bed
Quickly sort things into five piles:

- Definitely keep
- Give away (charity / give to friends pile)
- Sell (designer items only - I can't be bothered selling things for $1 on TradeMe)
- Really undecided
- Mend

The undecided pile takes up a mere half a drawer at the moment and most of them are not seasonal anyway. I'll revisit those when the weather warms up.

Here's a pictorial:

Step 1: Remove cat from the bed

Step 2: Dump all the clothes on the bed and sort them.

Step 3: Marvel at the volume of clothes in the 'donate / giveaway' pile.

Step 4: Wonder if you need to buy more clothes to give these a purpose in life ;)

Just kidding. :)

I also turned my exposed clothing rail into my new 'capsule wardrobe'. We do have some hidden clothing storage in a small cupboard but there is also a clothes rack adorning one wall of the bedroom.  This is where I'll hang my most used work and leisure clothes so that they are easy to find and easy to put away at the end of the day. I even bought some sexy wooden coathangers from Briscoes so that it looks ultra swish.

I was so proud of that effort that it had to be instagrammed.

saralake_ if you want to follow me.
I always follow blog readers back.
Ok, that's it for this week! I hope that wherever you are your week is lovely, your audio files are working and your closet organisation brings happiness to your life. ;)

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