Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Marinated Mushrooms + Important Tip for Making Videos

Hello! I've had quite a few requests via instagram for my marinated mushroom recipe.
I'm always posting pics of my favourite marinated mushroom pizza.. I don't know.. it's the only sort of pizza I like.
So, I thought I'd film a little video for the blog and Youtube. And, I did film it, got most of the way through editing it and then, while viewing a playback, realised that my goddam fingernails look dirty!  


They're not even really dirty, it's just a stain from working with grapeseed extract. It doesn't look good though, and nor do the sticking plasters on my fingers. Definitely not ready for the public, but I know you readers aren't judgemental, so here you go.
I'll refilm the first part on the weekend and upload the public version. This is a Fit to Blog exclusive.
Lesson learned. If you're going to put your hands in a video, make sure they are photo worthy!
The music is by Retrovision. Their Facebook page is here.


  1. Gahh! it's always the little things! Nail Polish hides nail stains 😁😂

    1. Yes! But I only have black... I should diversify in this area ;)

  2. Can't say I would have noticed and barely did when I knew to look for it. I had to watch the video twice to spot them. Sounds delicious and only 4 ingredients in the marinage so worth an attempt. Loved your 'ish'.

    1. I know.. it's quite obvious when on a larger screen though, and on Youtube people can be absolute idiots about something like that. They are totally delicious. I load up my pizza with them, put hummus as the base (I don't really eat tomatoes, they make my joints achey), add a few greens and I'm 100% happy.


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