Sunday, February 21, 2016

Busy Times + Applesauce

I don't like to whine about being busy because, who isn't these days?

However, the last couple of weeks have outdone themselves.  There have been work and study things with deadlines, Jase's birthday, valentines day, my cat Razzy had surgery (then managed to pull out all his stitches, gah!), both of my Grandparents have had scary health issues, and I also had some ITP problems and a scan in hospital. Nothing serious, but all of these things took up time and the stress level did peak.. a little. 

I have noticed though that the new level of organisation helps a lot. Especially having everything online, I can reschedule around unplanned events and keep up with team members from, for example, the vet clinic waiting room. I'm behind on my emails, so if I owe you one, hang in there. I should clear that inbox this week.

There have also been fun times! On Friday Jase and I went into town to an event called 'Food Trucks'. Haha. Most Fridays, a bunch of mobile foodie venues park up in Cathedral Square. It's an effort to attract people into a city that lacks for nightlife since 2011's quakes. After the rice paper rolls and stuffed courgettes, we went to 'The Institution', a trendy little bar on New Regent Street. This older part of Christchurch has been completely rebuilt in the original style. There was a pianist in the street, trams rumbling past, it was just like living in a functioning city!

Then today, we took in Cirque du Soliel 'Quidam' with my Aunty. What can I say about that? Nothing adequately descriptive. If you want proof that some humans can fly and have bones made of rubber, go. It was out-of-this world incredible.

I've put pics from Friday and today in this video below. There is no music, just piccies.

Yesterday, I needed to clean out the fruit bowl and found that my apple fetish has kicked in. I decided to make some applesauce, chunky version. 

As some of the skins were looking a bit wrinkly, I peeled the apples. Then I de-cored them, cut them up, boiled them into submission using just a little water, and used the masher. If I'd wanted really smooth applesauce (or apple butter), I would have used the processor.

The trick to keeping your applesauce good is to add an antioxidant. I have seen recipes that add lemon juice or lemon slices, but I use plain old Ascorbic Acid.

Gratuitous product placement shot. Ooo la la, look at that amazing stuff. ;)

It worked out at just over a tsp for about 15 apples.

For the freezer-destined applesauce, I left it like that, but for the rest I added some rapadura sugar. For a Nutritionist, you may find me surprisingly unsugarphobic. New word.

The plastic container went into the freezer and the jar is in my fridge.

 ..well, most of it. A large dollop found its way onto my morning oats.

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Did any of you get to see Cirque du Soliel? Their next show is based on the movie Avatar. I'll set a reminder to buy tickets two seconds after they go on sale. Three seconds may be too late...

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