Sunday, July 19, 2015

Recipe Roundup

Hello, hello! As requested, I am working on a few sciencey articles, buuut, these take longer than you'd expect, so here's a recipe roundup of things I've made from other people's brains.

In a manner of speaking.

Or that truly don't require a recipe.

I also made a plant-based version with no meat, just chickpeas

 A jar of stuff to take to work. Berries, yogurt, kumara slice

 Raw beetroot cake. I have not yet recorded the recipe for this, but it's quite similar to

 Cacaoweb's death by chocolate (gluten-free version)
Here's a fun video I made with my niece a few years ago when we made this cake (and a big mess)

 A chickpea and broccoli salad

 No added-oil cauliflower soup
(boiled cauliflower, couple of tsp curry powder, crushed garlic, chopped onion, salt - 
zipped in the Nutri Ninja)

Almond Milk Yogurt
Soaked, blanched almonds, pureed in the Ninja, then subjected to the same 
process as for making coconut  yogurt)

See you in a few days with an article about kefir - what's actually in it? Is it really good for you?

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