Sunday, June 07, 2015

Pumpkin Poof

It's exam week! Or it will be in... 7 hours (eep!). I've resorted to a minimalist cooking regime and bulk prep.

A few days ago I cooked two large pumpkin, whole in the oven.  The flesh from those is earmarked for curries, baked pumpkin slices and... 'other'.  

This is leftover baked pumpkin, zapped in the food processor with a couple of eggs and biffed into a non-stick pan (RIP*).  On the top are honey and nut butter. It's peanut butter, not technically a 'nut',  I know

But, there are many things in life that are referred to as nuts, and really aren't. Like.. all my friends. 



* Someone put my frypan in the dishwasher. This appears to be a foolproof way of removing the non-stick coating.  There's no going back after that.  A sticky non-stick pan is more sticky that a regular steel frypan, so I've reverted to the latter.

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  1. Non-stick pans have interest effects on canaries and budgies when they are heated up. Might have been a wee blessing for you in disguise.


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