Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spaghetti Squash + Ideas Please!

Do you spaghetti squash? I do, sometimes. It's not quite a full replacement for pasta, but it does the job for me, a non-pasta master.

My method is to bake the whole thing in the oven until it's possible to stick a finger nail easily through the skin (patented Sara method).

Then I scoop out the seeds and score the flesh with a fork. It's quite fascinating the way it turns into threads.

There is usually too much, so I pack it to add to lunches.

I served this one under a bean chilli with heaps of avocado on top. It was so delicious that I didn't even pause to take a pic. Sorry.

In a few weeks I'll be finished the first year of my Masters, and am thinking that for the blog, I will take time to address some topical issues in nutrition. Like: cholesterol, is it ok now? are vegan diets healthy? are low-carb diets healthy? anti-inflammatory diets, leaky gut, APOE, food cravings, chrononutrition, IBS, iron, probiotics and so on.

Do you have any particular topics that you'd like me to address?  I can actually write a good science piece when I put myself to it, rather than letting the laziness take over.



  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I've saved some spaghetti squash seeds and will try and grow some this season. I dehydrated the ones I bought but found it extremely sweet! I took it tramping...

    Looking forward to the cutting edge sciencey posts overlaid with your professional knowledge. I know you and Julianne Taylor, I think did mention how some women who did paleo got big rises in total and LDL cholesterol. It would be good to hear more on that especially since mine jumped from 6 to 8. I backed off on so much coconut oil. I really need to be referred to the lipids clinic as I am eligible with those results but my GP says it would be a waste of money as I wouldn't follow their advice. There is a work-around but I need to get off my butt and do it to get referred.

    1. Cholesterol is definitely on my hit list, but I'm leaving it until I know I've got time to enter into the debate that would undoubtedly follow! That's a pretty high number for a fit person, Honora! I got mine down from 8.4 to 4.8 lowering saturated fat, more fruit (esp kiwifruit) high dose vit C. That's pretty much it.

  2. I have never seen a spaghetti squash, ever in my life. Not in a greengrocer, not in a plant nursery. I wonder if it's even available within 100kms of here? Hmm.

    1. huh... who woulda thunk it? I thought Aussie was all, like, progressive and full of exotic plant foods... ;)

  3. Hi Sara Just caught up with your reply. Interestingly a pathologist at work (Prof. Robin Fraser) was reported in the Press newspaper quite some years ago saying kiwifruit lowered cholesterol by unblocking sieves in the liver that clogged with age. Also I have some of your vit C. I got nervous about taking it as I read that big doses can act as oxidants but now I'll experiment with the vit C and see if it drops my cholesterol levels. Due to get it tested soon, so that can be the baseline. Cheers, Honora


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