Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nut Cheese

Nutty? Yes
Cheesy? Well, it depends on your definition..

I'm definitely more of a plant-based eater these days. That's simply because, as my nutrition studies progress, I learn more about the amazing things that sprout from the earth. I'm increasingly impressed by the good that phytochemicals do inside the human body.

All things plant-ish are taking over my kitchen and I've re-opened my fermentation bay, a.k.a sunny corner of the bench.  I'm actually getting a whole new kitchen soon, which is something to look forward to, even if the in-between phase is messy as all hell .. quite disorganised.

Last week I rustled up some nut cheese. This one is mostly blanched almonds with some soaked cashews. It's still not quite there, texture-wise, but the taste is great. I used my juicer to mush the nuts, but it's still got a few nut chunks. I need a method of getting the nuts reaaaaally smooth. Does anyone have any ideas about that?

Click here for the method.

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