Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Leek Soup with Navy Beans / Tuscan White Beans

Soup is the perfect busy day food. It's easy, you can use whatever happens to be available after a week of uni-brain, and it's possible to stretch it out for days just by adding more 'stuff from the fridge'.

I'm not sure if this has 'magical' properties, as trumpeted in 'French Women don't get Fat', but it got a round of 'mmmm's', and that's accomplishment enough for me.

Leek Soup

Navy beans do require a little pre-prep. Livestrong have some nicely illustrated instructionals here. My navy beans were cooked to semi-softness before I added them to the soup.

How I made this soup..

In a saucepan, I sauteed two large sliced onions and two shallots in olive oil until they were softened and a bit more transparent.

Then I added two litres of water, a vege stock cube, a handful of fresh thyme and 2 tbsp of cider vinegar and let that all come to a boil.

Then I turned the heat down so it was slow simmering, and added two chopped leeks, two chopped carrots and two cups of navy beans.

That was allowed to simmer uncovered for about two hours, but it doesn't need to take that long. Anything over 30 mins is fine, but the flavours get stronger with time (and with reheating the next day).

So good. ;)

I had quite a few navy beans left over, so last night, inspired by the white bean dishes we ate in Tuscany, I made this delicious and fragrant creation.  It has similar ingredients to the soup, with far less water. After it was off the heat, I stirred through some coconut yogurt, then served it over a baked sweet potato for the vegans (good source of calcium and iron, vegans) and under white fish for the meat eaters.

Everyone happy, well-fed and feeling half-Italian. Ciao!

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