Thursday, November 13, 2014


Last month I had a terrible experience. I became abandoned and alone, in a foreign country, without my phone.

In Harrods.

Harrods is freaking enormous. I was terrified.  Jason and I became separated when the toy department lift doors closed, with me on the inside, and him.. I dunno, checking out the lego.

I went up a floor, came back down, and he was not there!  I thought the best idea was to stay where I'd last seen him. That got boring after 10 minutes, so I did something I haven't done in years: got a green juice at the nearby stand.  It cost a lot, but was delicious, and so, through my trials and tribulations, I rediscovered juice.  Then I wandered down the stairs and rediscovered Jase, he was kinda pacing around the building, rightly assuming that eventually I had to emerge from one of the (many) doors.  

Him: "what took you so long?"
Me: "I was getting a green juice"
Him: "....."

By a quirk of kismet, on our return to NZ, a friend mentioned he planned to offload a very nice, once-used slow press juicer (this one).  Now it is mine.

I've been making green juices (that one's got orange and dandelion inside, looks aliiiive doesn't it?):

I'm so enraptured with this thing. It can munch a whole unpeeled orange, accessing all the inflammation-bashing, cholesterol-balancing flavonoids that hang out in the skin. That's brilliant.

It can even get the juice out of ginger or turmeric.

and this stuff
adds a healthy citrus-y punch to black bean brownies. Here's the vegan version:

and non-vegan
Both are delicious and don't look so different in real life as they do in the pics. The next post (realistically, that's about 10 days away) will be a vegan black bean brownie recipe. It's been extensively tested and is nearly ready for release.

Juicing. Are you into it?  Scared of all that fructose?  Got any favourite juice recipes?


  1. I have one of those centrifugal juicers super cheap off TradeMe - if I hadn't gotten it so cheap, I would've been bummed since I don't use it anywhere near as much as I expected it to (My Sodastream on the other hand... EVERYDAY. BUBBLY WATER, WHOOP).

    I think because it is so hard to clean and because it doesn't juice vegetables well - I'd like to be able to juice things like kale, parsley, spinach; it can do ginger and turmeric though so when I start coming down with something, that's when I use it. I use the pulp as a binding agent in burger patties/meatballs.

    Oh, and when someone orders a carrot cake, rather than grating the carrot, I juice it, include both the pulp and the juice in the cake. So much faster :D

    1. Yeah, I've had the centrifugal ones in the past but didn't love it. Juicing greens was my mission. I've also heard that the centrifugal juicers can oxidise the juice. Certainly the juice from this baby lasts days in the fridge and doesn't go brown like the stuff did from the old juicer. It is still quite a lot of cleaning.

  2. I've heard that about the oxidation too - within 15 minutes it'll oxidise, so I always drank my juice immediately. Kind of a bummer because it means if I want juice at work, I'd have to bring the juicer itself to work.

    Although hmmmm... funny how you wrote this blog post, because the very juicer you've written about is available on GrabOne today.... I am tempted.... I could gift my current one (or bring it to work, hah)... *thinks*


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