Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm Back!

The jetlag is gone, I've cleared my inbox of 20 bazillion invitations to become 'the man of her dreams' (really? do people fall for this?), submitted a bunch of uni stuff, shipped off a pile of orders to my oh-so-patient Sana customers, and now lunch is in hand and I have a little blogging time before settling down to a couple of hours thesis research.

Today I thought I'd just show you my lunch and then a few travel pics that haven't already made it to Facebook:

So, we were away five weeks. It was wild.  The schedule was:


and just to prove it wasn't all pizza...


That's me in the middle


This is where we stayed. It's an old monastery: Fattoria Bassetto

Having issues with the self-timer

Lots of time with our crazy family
France (Colmar)
Gorgeous little town, with some quirks

Germany (Rust - Europa Park)

We stayed in the park in a theme hotel (back in Italy? not quite)

That's me screaming my face off. Miss J is beside me with the face paint on.

Switzerland (Dornach)

The Goetheanum. A cool building designed by Rudolf Steiner. It was completed after his death.

Then back to Liechtenstein for a few days before jumping on a plane to England


Where there are, indeed, ancient Roman baths.

We did tea in Bath

And Cornish mead in Cornwall, cheers.

Lunch at the cutest little pub near Cothele House

Tintagel castle ruins (legendary birthplace of King Arthur)


Very nice digs in Callington (Cadson Manor). This is a family home and the hosts were the nicest people in the world, also very good cooks.  You know it's greatness when the little tray of freebies in your room includes a pretty glass bottle of sherry, and two fancy glasses.

That's our hire car. I didn't want to give it back.

and back to London

I think everyone's seen London pics... here's something different: 
the smoothie stand at Camden Lock.

Any questions, comments, funny stories about what happens when you drink real Cornish mead? :-/


  1. Good to have you back! What are your uni studies about? Julianne Taylor mentioned how some women on the paleo diet were getting elevated forms of cholesterol. My TC, HDL and LDL are all high now and the Lp (a) is up too. I wonder if anyone has looked into this...Need to have my apoB measured I figure. My ratios are all good though.

    1. Thanks! I'm researching bioflavonoids and their impact on blood lipids, veery interesting. Yes, I had to adjust my diet a little to get the blood lipids looking half decent. I think it's a mistake to too low-carb / high sat fat on the paleo diet (and many do). There is no research suggesting that a high saturated fat diet is good for you, in spite of what might 'seem' the case looking at the blogosphere. Lp(a) is interesting. I've been thinking of having the test for that. It's a genetic thing; you either have it or don't, and if it's high, that might suggest your Apo-B (LDL particle number, more or less) is also high.


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