Sunday, July 27, 2014

Random Acts of Real Life Eating 1

When browsing the blogosphere, it's quite easy to get the impression that foodies have it sorted.  Every meal is a well presented "event" and each snack a lovingly constructed work of nutritious art.

Real life is not like this.  Reality is not a scripted cooking show.  It's more like improvised theatre. You usually have to wing it. In fact, making good choices on the fly is an essential skill of staying healthy in an unhealthy world.

Much of the stuff I eat doesn't make it onto the blog. It's way too idiosyncratic, and none too photogenic. Not only that, but it's usually thrown together in a frenzy and scoffed before it crosses my mind to take a pic.  

Here's a (possibly disturbing) insight into my 'time to eat' thought process when working from home. 

... hungry! (stomach goes grrr.. grr..)

What shall I have? (looks in the fridge, sees the leftover bits of pumpkin pie cake that weren't pretty enough for the photoshoot).  That'll be fine.

But.. it needs something else.  What?

I feel like...... (opens the freezer), ah! Blackcurrants! Yay for antioxidants.

..but they're frozen. :(

What's the quickest way of defrosting them?  Frypan. There we go.

Better put some water with that or it'll burn.  I wonder what it would be like with chocolate? (throws in a couple of spoons of raw cacao powder).

Mmmm.... probably too bitter now (add a few spoons of erythritol.. taste test... good... dash of salt).

Ok, good enough.


And now it needs some.....? (looks in the fridge).  

Yogurt.  Buffalo or Sheep's Milk?

Buffalo is already open.  That one.



  1. Uh-huh. That looks precisely like my weekend meals. It's amazing how tasty a bowl of "Hmm, what's left in the fridge that needs to be eaten?" can be.

  2. Yum! That transformed very quickly! ;) Impressive. That slogan above, doesn't actually apply to you, cause clearly you DO know what you're doing ;)

    1. Ah, the deception of the masses is working... ;)

  3. Buffalo yogurt! Where can we buy that. It must be so creamy...

    1. New World! Fridge section, with all the other dairy stuff.


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