Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grain Free Apple Dessert Ideas

Here are a couple of grain-free apple desserts. They're not fancy looking,  but hit the spot for a light end-of-meal treat.

The first one was supposed to be an 'Apple Tart without Dough' from French Women don't get Fat (recipe on the link). As you can see, I'm not really an apple-peeling kind of girl, so it lacks the beauty of, say, this one here, and I used erythritol instead of sugar.  

The second dessert was an emergency Friday nighter. An experiment.

Into a loaf dish I layered:

Apple slices
Chia seeds
Blobs of coconut oil
Nut butter
Dark Chocolate
Sprinkles of erythritol, cinnamon powder and a little cardamom powder.

The last flourish involved dousing it all in a little maple syrup, after which it was popped in the oven for 15 minutes, until the apples were soft.

I then pressed it all down with a fork and let it cool a bit. It firmed up and became a glorious, sticky mess.  Like a spicy, fruity, chocolatey pudding.

It was a sticky, delicious mess that went amazingly with a blob of coconut cream on top.  

Happy tastebuds. ;)

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