Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pizza Night - Nightshade Free

Last week I had an icky cold.  I was gross and not much of the usual stuff happened in the kitchen.

However, there was pizza.  I have a resident Pizza God. It is best to start by locating one of those. Otherwise, you'll just have to do it yourself.  You can't have my Pizza God.  He's limited edition.

Unless I'm going to exert myself in the direction of constructing a base from scratch (which wasn't happening while ill with the Zombie Virus), I use this organic base from Purebread.  It's not gluten-free, but it is fermented, which makes it more nutritious and digestible.

Just as importantly, I really dig the texture of it.  Once cooked, it's crispy and crunchy, which is how I like my pizza. Bendy pizza is sad pizza.

As my achey joints don't appreciate nightshades (of which tomatoes are one), you might wonder what goes on my pizza. I mean, I hope you haven't lost sleep while overthinking this question. Here's the answer:

Instead of the traditional tomato sauce, I usually smother the base in either hommus or pesto.  This pizza involved basil pesto, upon which the Pizza God then heaped sauteed chicken, mussels and some extra strong cheese from the market. 

Once that had cooked, I piled on some more stuff.  Avocado, aioli, and then some unpictured fresh rocket.

I ate half this pizza, with a big salad. It's a departure from my usual routine, but really not a terrible meal.

Sometimes, you just have to pizza out. ;)


  1. Honora9:57 pm

    That is incredibly yummmmy.

    I once made a pizza with cornflour/cheese sauce, spinach and feta. It worked too.

    1. I'm thinking an apricot, cream cheese and chicken one would be fine too... So many possibilities. Did you make your base?

  2. I used the Pavillion base. I met a gluten-free flour afficionado the other day. She said the buckwheat/tapioca/besan mix was her favourite combo. She doesn't eat GF but is a baking professional.


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