Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gaaaaah! Kumara Salad, two ways.

You'll never guess what happened!! ...

Last Thursday, my computer died. It was slowing down, so I decided to reboot, aaaaaaaand ... nah.  I received an informative 'there be a problem' message from the motherboard and then, black screen of annihilation.


I hyperventilated an SOS call to the in-house programmer, demanding immediate action and return of full computer function.  I have a dark side.  If technology breaks, I automatically blame any and all computer technicians in the vicinity.  It's not very logical.  

It's like 'this is YOUR THING, and it's NOT WORKING, how could your kind let this happen???'

I guess it's a side-effect of helplessness. Interestingly, I've occasionally had a similar angry reaction from nutrition clients, mostly when their weightloss is not zippy enough. The need to deflect blame can result in a nasty "nothing's working and it's not my fault, therefore your advice sucks!!" outburst. Anyone else had that with fitness or nutrition clients?  

Back to the PC, indeed the hard drive had spat its guts and required replacement.  As I live with a Programmer, losing data was not a problem, but losing access to it for 1.5 days tried my patience and put me behind schedule. A round of applause please for the talented and tolerant Jase, who sacrificed his Friday night and most of Saturday to perform computer surgery. I'm sure it was what he'd envisaged for the weekend... ;-/

This little crisis has made me realise though, how fragile my sense of control is. When you're juggling many balls, it only takes one little glitch to throw things out of balance. Just one little thing and I'm losing it.  That doesn't seem right, does it?  That's something I will definitely ponder further, but for now... how about a soothing winter salad?

This filling dish is so simple that it doesn't require a real recipe. The base is kumara (sweet potato) chunks.  You can boil them (as I did for the one in the pics), or cut raw kumara into chunks and bake them until tender, but not mushy.

To the base, you add 'other things', the content of which is limited only by your imagination and your nutrition goals.  The mix-ins I used were:

* Chicken thighs (skin off), sauteed in a little olive oil
* Tamari-roasted pumpkin seeds
* Thinly sliced red onion
* Crispy bacon
* Chives

As the chicken and bacon were already quite oily, the dressing was just a squeeze of lime juice and sprinkle of salt.

Best served warm.

And, because I'm all for reduce, re-use and re-cycle, this is what I did for breakfast the next day:

The leftover salad, an egg, a few slices of market cheese and lots of spinach.


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