Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Healthy Habits: Cleaning Out the Fridge

I think the trendy, pretentious, currently popular description of today's post is a "Diet Hack": a healthy habit that's piss-easy.

I have a Sunday routine that knocks out three essential tasks: cleaning out the fridge, Sunday dinner, and some packed lunches for the freezer.  Every Sunday evening, I empty the fridge of anything that can become a soup or 'skillet meal' (as above) and cook them together, inclusively, nothing is left out. The results are diverse, sometimes quirky, and generally delicious.

This week there were mussels that required immediate consumption and some cheese, as well as the usual collection of veg.  I always have lots of greens that previously festered in the depths of the vege bin until it was a big, stinky, slimy, wasteful mission to discard them. Now they get gainfully used every week.

While the Sunday mash-up is cooking, I scan the fridge for anything that's expired, perhaps wipe us some stanky leakage, stash the market haul, and that's it. When that's done, I pat myself on the back and say: "other Sunday successfully hacked, good job, you".

Do you have any healthy habits that make life easier?  

And what about this term 'diet hack'?  A useful addition to nutrition jargon, or something that causes an uncomfortable brain squirm?


  1. Honora10:20 pm

    Healthy Habit: bring your lunch and snacks to work to avoid buying crap sold at work.

  2. It is something that I would never think of, but honestly it looks very tasty! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is great! It is amazing how original and interesting the dishes that you make out of various leftovers in a fridge are!


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