Thursday, January 16, 2014

Avocado Breakfast Bundle

Here's a breakfast idea!  It takes only a few minutes and kept me full until lunchtime (quite an achievement).

Obviously, the base is half an avocado, stone removed.

Calories in an avocado.  Before going on, let's take a moment to dispel a few myths about this awesome fruit.  Some of my clients are avocado-phobic because they have heard that eating an avocado leads straight to fat-butt hell.  Let's put this in perspective.  Half an avocado is somewhere between 80 and 170 calories, depending on the size of it.  About the same as a wrap or half an english muffin, but yummier and with a whole lot of nutrition. Don't be scared, just be smart.


The filling is an egg fried in coconut oil with a few slices of strongly flavoured handmade cheese from my man Emilio at the Opawa Farmer's Market (I wish I could be more specific, but there is no label). I have re-embraced dairy lately as it seems to have a positive effect on my platelet count (currently up to 95,000, yay!).  Perhaps it's the vitamin K2?

Looking at how my body responds to dairy is an interesting study in how one food might cause percieved 'negative' and 'positive' effects concurrently, depending on what you are trying to achieve. When I was completely and pedantically dairy free my singing voice improved noticeably and I gained 3 whole tones at the upper end (that's huge) but my platelets went into freefall. I'm still trying to figure out the platelets.  It might not be dairy that's helping. It might be more eggs, it might be vitamin D, it might be mastic gum or digestive enzymes, it might be hugs from Miss J. It might be red wine (please, please, please...) Eventually, I hope to nail it.

On the top is basil pesto, also from the market.   I didn't cook the avocado, just piled the yummy stuff on top and ate it at my desk.

Give it a go.

For a giggle: read the reviews on these evil gummy bears. Does anyone know what the sweetener is? Maybe Xylitol?



  1. The gummy bears are sweetened with Lycasin, according to the product info. No idea about that one, but I think I'll avoid it.. O_O

  2. Honora12:13 am

    Hi, off topic but any progress on that Helicobacter Pylori stuff? Also I enquired about the Terry Wahls book on hold. Apparently it's out of print so they're waiting for a new edition to be published.

    1. I've just finished a month-long 'natural' h pylori eradication program, which may or may not work. I didn't have the test to see if I have it as the supplements (mastic gum and enzymes) are safe anyway. Will go for another test Wednesday morning and post results. ;) Thanks for the tip, even if it doesn't work, I'm learning a lot.


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