Sunday, November 10, 2013

Having a 'Make it Work' Moment (or Two). School Fair, Dinner Party

The original intention for this post was an AIP update, but I've realised that this would be incomplete without the blood test results. I'll have them in about 10 days (test on Wednesday, and then about a week for the results to get to the health centre), so please stay tuned.

I am cautiously optimistic that my platelet count (and/or function) has improved. This is based on the one thing I can actually see: bruises.  At the moment I have exactly zero bruises on my inner arms and hands, which hasn't been the case for.. many years. It's nice to wear a t-shirt and not wonder if people think I live a dangerous and damaging life on the edge.

The hardest part of the AIP, or any diet that marches off-beat to the mainstream drum, is making it work in the real world. Yesterday ....

((Upps.. lunchtime.  The post shall continue directly after my turmeric chicken, sauerkraut, salad and green tea...

Nom, nom, nom..))

So, as I was saying, yesterday I had to navigate a school fair, and then dinner with a friend.

For the fair, I packed my own food, such as the funny-looking creation below.  I don't have a recipe for this ball of delish, but it is made of baked pumpkin, boiled kumara and dessicated coconut (left over from the coconut milk-making procedure), mashed in the processor, formed into balls and baked for 20 mins or so. It also contains ginger and cinnamon powder.

I then 'glazed' it with honey and melted coconut oil.  Some of that soaked in, but most settled in the bottom of the muffin cup.  I also packed a chicken salad.

I did run into a friend who accidentally committed mental torture by commenting on all the amazing lunch options and had to suppress an urge to kick him in the shins (for obviously not reading my blog, heh).  :-D  At least I could enthuse about the She Chocolat stand, where the Oscar was busy cranking out 100% banana icecream.  I had to skip the chocolate dip. And the cone. Another friend wanted to know where I got the 'ball thingy' and I had to explain. Then two more friends wanted an explanation about my coffee shop absence. So that's four more people that know I'm a nut that no longer consumes coffee, bean salad or healthy, wholegrain pizza. Maybe time for a beaded necklace and grok tattoo?

The fair wasn't that hard. The trick is to always be prepared so that when real hunger strikes, the cavalry is ready. Currently in my fridge and freezer there are:

* Premade servings of turmeric chicken, beef and carrot patties, pork and apple patties, salmon and kumara patties (if you don't like patties, well, I just don't know what to do with you), roasted chicken thighs, beef stew, bone broth.

* Lots of veges (raw carrots are a great snack), including sauerkraut.

* Various slices and balls (see above) that are made of veges, fruit and coconut flour.

* Coconut yogurt and kefir.

* Kombucha

The fridge is an AIP grab-n-go.  In the first two weeks, It seemed I was spending all my time food prepping.  But then the freezer started to bulge and I realised it's ok to relax a bit. I'm not preparing for the apocalypse, just making sure I'm set for the next day or two.

After the fair, I had dinner with a friend.  A very good friend that went out of her way to accommodate my special needs and did not even tease me, except about the need to have Jamie Oliver on speed-dial. 

How to be a real friend to someone on a restricted diet:

A real friend does not say: "just a little bit won't hurt" or "go on, just one glass".  A real friend says "send me a list", then texts: 'keep your cellphone on you in case I have to check something while I'm cooking'.

When I got there, all the stuff in packets was lined up on the bench for my inspection. Apart from the dried herbs, all of it was incompatible with the AIP. The coconut milk had thickeners, the canned fruit had sweeteners, or sugar. The canned beetroot had 'flavour' (really?). I made a quick trip to the supermarket to find suitable replacements. And then, once dinner was organised, I made an amazing discovery:

I'm sure that the AIP has improved my chess game, dramatically.

Or, could it be that chess and wine go so well together, but one of us (me) was going hard on the 0% alcohol, bubbly water (in a wine glass, of course - one must have 'atmosphere' at a chess walkover game)?

Things to ponder. 



Tomorrow, I've got a savoury recipe for you. A pinterest-inspired courgette 'lasagna'.

Sneak peek:

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