Sunday, November 03, 2013

As Sure as Lunch and Taxes... Lamb & Pumpkin Salad

Today, I'm doing my taxes.  Actually, that's also what I was doing yesterday.

It's probably what I'll be doing next weekend too because last year I wasn't too flash on the organisation. I've revised my sloppy ways a lot recently (I repent!), but this doesn't save me from the messy backlog or the unreasonable demands of my accountant (you want receipts and invoices??). Eee gads. :-/


I wanted to show you how easy it is to construct a good AIP lunch out of leftovers.  It's a really useful habit to cook more than you need at dinnertime and stash it in the fridge for lunch (or breakfast) the next day.

Last nights dinner was lamb chops and roasted pumpkin. Today I reheated some of the pumpkin and meat, added watercress and avocado, sprinkled with kelp salt and lemon juice and.. that's it! Done.

And with that, I'll get back to the bank statements.  I think this is irony, or perhaps a paradox.  I need to work to pay the tax I owe, and yet, I have to take two days off work just to figure out how much tax to pay. 

Now where do I claim for catfood and vet bills?  Razzy is my therapist after all. I'm sure that's deductible.

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