Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Noms Around Town

In this post you will see nearly everything that is not on my autoimmune protocol.  Droolworthy pics to keep you going while I'm chowing down on bone broth.

Willows Cafe - day before starting the AIP
More eats at Willows.  Do you spot the legendary gluten-free brownie?

Frolic Cafe

Soul. This place is right on the Viaduct Harbour and was expennnnnssssive.
But, respect to them for having 'freedom farms (free-range)' pork belly on the menu.
Just to prove I was there. That's my boat.
Sorry, I meant, that's a boat I would like to own. Maybe. For a day. I'm easily bored.
Potatoes and Lemon Slices.  Dinner cooked by my Uncle David.

Pasta a'la Uncle David

Cinnamon Roll at Tuihana. Delicious food and a fun time with the equally delicious Raina.

Tuihana. If you think this is just a salad, you are missing the basket of deep fried goodies top right.

Tuihana again.


  1. Honora8:20 pm

    Thanks for asking Ayam, Sara.

    1. No probs. It's a good sign when a company actually replies to something like that too.

  2. misspip10:01 pm

    Thanks for the Tuihana tip. I've never been! Pete loves Rewana bread - perhaps a trip this Labour Weekend.

  3. Hi Sara, Thanks for the great review, would love to use your amazing photos on our site if possible. Thanks, Nathan, Owner, Tuihana Cafe.


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