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Low-Carb / Ketogenic Diet Ideas

Well, I'm not surprised, but it seems that the world agrees on Paleo Bacon Maple Pancakes. It's the most popular post on the blog, after only a few days.  I knew I had kindred spirits, and now I can count them, via blog hits :D**

Low-carb and keto diets. There must be something in the air because every second person I meet is keen on going low-carb, or even trying a ketogenic diet.  The ins and outs of such diets will be the topic of a post in the very near future, for now I'll just say that I have nil problem with these eating approaches, if they are done properly

Omelette cooked in coconut oil, with avocado. To lower the fat, increase egg-whites to whole eggs.
The biggest problems people have are: thinking they can low-carb while still exercising intensely, avoiding veges, thinking calories don't matter (yes, you can gain fat while in ketosis), and neglecting to replace electrolytes - magnesium, sodium and potassium being the main ones of concern.

Grilled pork belly, broccoli, olives and grass-fed butter.
The different types of low-carb diet are: low-carb/high fat (like Atkins), low-carb/high protein/low-fat (Dukan) and ketogenic (low-carb, high fat, moderate protein). There are also extreme low-carb diets, like the protein-sparing fast, which is .. well, a fast with a bit of protein.

Another omelette, foldover version. 
Venison loaf (very lean) with salad. There is spinach in the loaf.
As I'm rushing around today getting ready for a conference (and flight that leaves at crazy o-clock in the morning) and will be gone for 10 days, this post is just a quick recap of some meal ideas for low-carbers.

It's in reply to an 'SOS, what do I eat?' email.  Packing can wait, as can that last-minute washing. Who needs clean undies anyway? Pfft, overrated.

Salmon and broccoli/pecan stirfry. I sprinkled a little parmesan (0 carbs) on the vegges
Cheesy,. cauli bake. Stick cauliflower together with cheese and bake it. You can add other veges.
Leftover veges of all types, mashed in the processor and with some eggs added. Bake.

Fat bombs. Melted coconut oil and cocoa butter. Some xylitol, almond butter in the middle.
I made these in a silicone muffin pan.

lean mince meatballs with a chunk of string cheese in the middle. 

Salmon on a big mushroom instead of bread. This cashew nut dressing.
green veges, nuts and a little parmesan (yes, I'm a fan of this combo)
Stuff to snack on.
Bacon-wrapped asparagus, fish, avocado sauce (avo, garlic, lemon juice)

Lastly, I don't have a pic, but you can get in the habit of making various muffins using almond flour, with protein powder added if you use it. These are great for carting to work. Just experiment. Almond flour, eggs and... anything else that comes to mind. Xylitol and erythritol are good for most people. For some people on keto diets, these polyols will knock you out of ketosis, but most people are ok with them.

I hope that gives you some ideas! Another place for inspiration is Pinterest. You might find some ideas on my Eat to Live board.  On my return, I'm definitely trying a squash or cauli pizza base. I've been looking at them with hungry eyes for toooo long. It's past time to fulfil that fantasy.

Have a great weekend, and I'll try to blog while away. Also, I've reconsidered the undies situation: better go throw some stuff in the machine.

**Edit. The Avocado Ganache Cake is now back on the top spot, due to Buzzfeed (number 39). In fact, it's winning by more than 600 hits.. :D Busy day on the blog!

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