Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coconut Milk - No Additives

Today's post is brought to you from Cranky McCrankypantsville. This had better give me platelets. I'm not finding the diet hard, but boy, am I moody.  It will pass, but for the moment, I'll just... not go out.

One of the darlings of paleo, and of the AIP is coconut.  It is the only allowed replacement for milk products and flour.  Mostly I've been making coconut yogurt and kefir, which also fulfil the requirement to eat probiotic foods.

Finding a coconut milk and coconut cream without thickeners was a challenge. As far as I've determined the only one in town is this:

I was losing hope in the coconut milk section of New World, when I picked up an Ayams can and had to blink twice at the ingredient list:

No guar! No Xantham!

The coconut cream was equally as exciting:

The Autoimmune book I bought has instructions for making coconut milk, but I took one look and my brain had a 'talk to the hand' reaction. Nope. Busy life, not going to spend it squeezing water through coconut flakes.

I was tempted to clear the shelf of Ayams, based on past experience that such products usually disappear from the shelves, or change their formulation. However, having been around since the 1800's, and given that they make a big deal about their 'no additives' stance, I think it's safe to relax.

The 'lite' versions do contain additives, it's only the full fat versions that impress me.

Do any kiwi's know of another brand that doesn't have a thickener? I'd love to find an organic one if possible, as coconuts are generally heavily sprayed.  If you have a secret source, please let me know via comment or email.



  1. Ayam have been around forever, so I don't think nuclear holocaust-style hoarding is required. It's one of our favourite brands for Asian ingredients as well as TCC, which has citric acid added as an antioxidant, but nothing else.

    I sometimes make my own coconut milk - it's really easy and quick, and if you need coconut cream, it separates beautifully on standing. If you can get organic shredded coconut, that might be your best bet?

    Sympathy on the cranky-pantsness. Or maybe that should be sympathy to The Programmer...?

    1. Ok, I've located the cheesecloth and will give it try. I just read that cans generally leak BPA into food also, so its probably worth it. Strangely, I am enjoying being OTT for the moment. I'm sure the novelty will wear off the first time I find myself in a restaurant, but for now, it's kinda fun, except for the headache and crankypants mood. I'm sure that won't last long. Should be over the caffeine tomorrow.

  2. You can make coconut milk by grating a block of coconut cream and mixing with warm water. It's cheap and quick, no need to get out the food processor.

    1. Good idea! Anything that saves time and dishes gives me happy vibes. ;) I've only seen that solid coconut cream in sachets (they are hard - you add them to curries), but not in blocks. I think I could locate it at the Asian supermarket. X

  3. You can make coconut milk by mixing grated coconut cream (the cheap kind you buy in a block) with warm water. I find that much simpler than hunting round reading can labels.


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