Saturday, October 19, 2013

Avocado on Mushrooms

Hello Weekend, Hello sunny spring day, Hello Nia class, Hello Day 3 Autoimmune Diet (hello to you, caffeine-withdrawal sciatica*) and Hellooooo avocado on 'shrooms.

Sorry... but just look at it!  The perfect avocado.  It needed to have its moment of glory on Fit to Blog. Double apologies to Kek, who can eat neither avo's nor 'shrooms (FODMAPS diet). No more avocadoes after this, I promise.

Big mushrooms are fab.  You can do things with them that would otherwise require bread: e.g., use them like hamburger buns.

The important thing is to bake them on a rack (say a cake cooling rack) over a dish because they lose a lot of water and can become soggy if left to wallow in it.  I simply peel the skin off, bake for 10 minutes max at 180 and then dress them up.

Today's ones were a side for a lunch made of paleo-friendly leftovers on a bed of silverbeet and dandelion.

Dandelion is such a useful herb. When I see ads on TV for chemicals that kill dandelions I want to throw things. TV is very bad for my sanity.

* I always get intense sciatica for 3-4 days when I give up coffee. A bit of Googling confirmed that it's a common occurrence in caffeine withdrawal.  Panadol deals to it. I'm not trying to be a hero here, just de-caffeinate my bloodstream. Yes, panadol is not on the autoimmune diet.  I don't care, I'm grumpy, I'm suffering hypocaffeinaemia and just . literally . can not.

Like these dogs.  ( funnyyy)


  1. Why do you peel those divine shrooms Sara? Surely a wee wipe is enough...
    Looks delicious anyway, must try me some dandelion. What's it good for?

    1. I have a thing about poo... I know you can wash the poo off, but .. it's psychological. ;) Dandelion is an excellent liver cleanser. High in vit K, vit A and quite a bit of calcium and non-haem iron. The baby leaves are not bitter, but the big ones add a nice bite to a wild salad.

    2. Here:

    3. But it's sterile poo Sara! It's good extra fibre I'm sure ;-). Thanks for the link...will start harvesting my dandelions as I weed.


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