Thursday, October 17, 2013

Avocado Bacon Muffins (paleo, gluten-free, SCD, sugar-free). Avocado Recipe Round Up.

This is, I promise, the last avocado recipe for now.  

I can't claim this as my own as I swiped the idea from Deb over at An Aussie with Chron's (recipe on the link).  I've since found that bacon and avocado muffins, mainstream version, are a kiwi fave. Who knew?  I never even met an avocado until my mid-20's and remember it being a bit hard to handle.

Slimy, green fruit?  How exotic.  As for baking with them, that's something really new-to-me.  You learn something new every day. Avocado muffins? YES!

As I didn't have the coconut flour required for Deb's recipe, I used almond flour instead and it did more or less work.  They were yummy, but a little soft.

After a little discussion with Deb via her comments, I think that a 50:50 almond meal and whole psyllium husks might work. You need something to soak up the liquid.

These muffins are suitable for paleo, gluten-free, diary-free, sugar-free and specific carbohydrate (SCD) diets.  I would say that one is a snack and 2-3 is a meal.

There is some argument about whether psyllium is actually 'paleo', but in my mind, it's a seed, and seeds are okies.  That having been said, I won't be eating any for a while. More about that tomorrow. If you do add psyllium, this makes the muffins unsuitable for the SCD.

Just in case you've missed the avocado-extravaganza, here's a round up:

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  1. I am going NUTS. My blog reader feed is FULL of delicious recipes using avocado, dates, apples and a host of other stuff that I can't eat. :( This sounds amazing. I'm thinking that *maybe* I could get away with the one-third of an avo that's in one muffin...if I swap out the onion for something else. Hmm.


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