Monday, October 07, 2013

Auckland and the Mad Avocado Tree

For the last four days I've been discovering my soul at the endurance event that is the annual Anthroposophical Society Conference. It was amazing, enlightening and completely full-on, with activities from 9 am until 9.30 pm every day. I intend to blog about the conference once I'm back home (on the 11th). It was mindblowing (also noseblowing, as I was sick for the whole thing..).

Now I'm in Auckland, staying with my Uncle.  He's kinda busy, so sent me the key to their house and told me to make myself at home.  Bwahaha.  Firstly, I had to run around the place like a kid because the place is both enormous and beautiful. It's full of things like this:

Cool, huh? I feel like a Princess.

Secondly, the avocado tree is, quite frankly, overachieving.  Here's a sample which represents about one 10th of the currently available avocadoes.

I've offered to make dinner tonight, and after a little Pinterest binge, have settled on a couple of avocado-based dishes.

1. Bacon wrapped, cheese-stuffed avocado (from the French Toast and Wine blog).


I'm going to serve that with wild salad, garlic and olive oil asparagus and french bread for the carb-lovers.

2. Avocado Mousse

This will basically be the top part of the Avocado ganache cake with a few modifications.

I'm going to add a banana, and then just serve it before it sets.  Photos shall be forthcoming, but it should look something like this one:

Whups, that sounds like a Ducati in the driveway... better go clean the kitchen quick!

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