Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aaaand.. the Citrus Version

I'm working on a post about the positive things I've learned through becoming healthy. Buuut, it's taking longer than anticipated and here's the weekend, complete with a sweet little pile of work that must be done.

Naturally, with all that work to do, I developed an uncontrollable urge to make chewy snacks.

These are straight out of the freezer, hence frosty tops
This is the same recipe as the Peppermint Slice (click here for the recipe), except that instead of peppermint oil, I used lemon oil and 2 tsp grated mandarin rinds.

The difference between these and the peppermint ones in terms of texture (these were much better) is the dates.  If you are in Chch, Willows Cafe is selling fab dates right now. Big, juicy ones that demand to be dessert-ified. Get some.

What are you cooking (or uncooking) this weekend?

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