Saturday, July 13, 2013

Warning, Warning!

What I'm about to show you should probably be illegal...




Aaaand.. again.

And againanagainandagain  :D  

Phew.. is it hot in here?

No matter how carefully I word it, there are some basic facts about this salted chocolate caramel pie that can't be overlooked:

1. It's a little package of fat, sugar and calories. Very big on the inside;
2. It's not health food, not paleo, not vegan;
3. Eating it recklessly is a fast track to a fat butt and sugar crash;
4. One bite and you will be happy for a whole day :D

The trick, as ever, is to work such a thing in to an otherwise healthy day, keep the portion decent and know where you are at.  You do not need to give up treats in order to get fit and healthy (sometimes, when talking to dieters, I want to both shout that and whack them on the head at the same time, just to make it stick). 

Just monitor your results and be aware of what you are doing and it's all good.  Naturally, there are exceptions.  If you are on a healing diet, you'll probably want to avoid such a refined carb bomb and, of course, some people genuinely can't eat sugar without it leading to a damaging binge.  I used to be like that; obviously I'm not now. I guess that's a whole post waiting to be written.. 

The recipe I used is this one, more or less. The changes I made were:

Ain't nobody got time around here to make caramel when you can just buy it. It's not like the homemade version in this instance is any healthier..

*Using rice flour to make it gluten-free 
*Three eggs instead of two (they were small)  
* The ganache is only cream, butter and chocolate, nothing else.

I'm hoping it freezes well (will update and let you know later)
Edit: Yes, it freezes perfectly and can be easily eaten straight from the freezer.

I also sprinkled the salt on top of the ganache.

The chocolate was Whittakers dark.

Did you notice that I've put an 'easy add' button for Pinterest on these pics?  Kek linked me up with some easy code from the Media Maid, and it seems to work fine. Also, it was easy to do. Not a single naughty word was uttered, and that's unusual. Normally, when I'm trying to do something technical, the walls turn blue.  No lie. ;)


  1. I am so making this next weekend. You are SUCH a good friend for sharing. I think. ;o)

    Did I not TELL you that the Pinterest thing was easy? That Katrina is a whiz.


    1. Yes, it was sooo easy. I worked myself up for hours all for no reason. X

  2. Replies
    1. So good, and yet so bad.

      Just like me.

  3. PURE EVIL - I must make it :P

    1. I'd recommend doing so when you have many, many visitors. Otherwise it just sits in the fridge and calls your name for hour upon hour. ;)

  4. Awww....that middle layer of caramel looks delectably good, I would want to eat all the caramel! I could give the top and bottom layer away! Hmmmm....nice eye candy Sara!


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