Saturday, July 06, 2013

Secrets of Success - Recipes

One of the best, probably the best thing, to come out of my historic relationship with Body for Life, is the lasting friendships with other crazy people that have sprung up along the way.  

The struggle to overcome unhealthy habits, learn to self-motivate, adjust faulty patterns of thinking and manage my weight has in no way been a solitary one.  From the outset, I've been surrounded by an e-army of people going through exactly the same thing and growing in more-or-less the same direction. Most of those friendships have developed from online to real life, except when they inconveniently live in paces that have not featured in my travels (the US, mostly).

One day, one day...

Today I'd like to harp on about the recent fitness success of Kerryn, who in spite of being Australian (and therefore my natural enemy) is one of my closest fitness buddies and writes the Fit Body Fifty blog.

Yes, this woman is past fifty years old. *jaw drops*. 

Inspiring, yes?  Also, those shoes are gorgeous. I might have to Pinterest them.  (my new addiction hobby).

As is normal when you've de-flabbed significantly, Kerryn has had to deal with some weight regain.  It's annoying and frustrating, but happens to practically everyone. I'd say, it's part of the process and nothing to stress about.

Recently, she became seriously p.o'd at the extra kg's that had magicked themselves back onto her butt, signed up for an online course/competition, did the time and won some cool cash as second runner up. 10kg vaporised in six months. That's no small achievement, either physically or mentally. 

I often wish it was easy to see someone's soul.  Then more people would understand the good it does to your inner self to set a goal, stick with it, and achieve.  The inner change is at least ten-fold what can be seen with the eyes.


I asked her to share the three recipes that helped her achieve such fabulosity. Of course, she came back with four. Click on the title to go through to the recipe:

If those pics don't convince you that getting fit doesn't require living on lettuce and poached fish, then I'm not sure what else we can do for you here.

Those baked cheesecakes are definitely in my near future, and also on my Eat to Live board. Have you heard of Pinterest?  If you are a Pinner (?), link me up - click here.

(so much fun)


  1. I'm really enjoying Pinterest so can relate and Kekky is the bomb!

    1. Mmhmmm.. tomorrow I'm going to figure out how to get the 'Pin It' button onto my pics. Kek sent me a link but it looks complicated....

    2. If I can do it, you definitely can. I am the least technically-minded person I know... besides, that link has it all spelled out for you. Katrina is a genius when it comes to working with dummies. Not that you're a dummy... :D

  2. Love you to bits! In spite of your being a Kiwi. :p

    If losing or maintaining weight required eating lettuce and poached fish, I'd be the fattest person on planet Earth, because I adore good food. There has to be room for chocolate, ice cream and wine - just not in enormous quantities.

    Eat things you like (in the right amounts) and move your butt quite a bit. Stress less and do the things that you enjoy, travel the world, hug your loved ones, read good books, take pleasure in small things. That kind of sums up my philosophy on healthy living. Oh...and never, ever act your age. ;)

  3. I love the friendship you guys have found... Trans-Tasman harmony FTW! Inspiring, strong women,the pair of you :)

    1. Thanks, you too! We shall meet one day. And party like legends.

    2. Also.. aren't you on Pinterest? Why aren't you on Pinterest?

    3. FOUND YOU! Woot~!

  4. Yay for BFL and the friendships that grew from that journey. I've been so lucky to meet both you and Kek in person as a result.

    Oh, and you MUST make those cheesecakes - they're AWESOME! They taste totally decadent.

    1. Mmmmmm.... cheesecake...... *drool*

  5. Honora6:53 pm

    Sara - I've got a rooted cutting of vietnamese mint if you want to grow some to go with that chicken dish.


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