Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eye Candy..

I'm still working on the prostate cancer vs. omega-3 post.  It's become quite epic, but will be up tomorrow. You'll love it.  ;)  Is there anything better than a controversial scientific discovery?  Well, yes. Chocolate.  Clothes. Holidays.

Never mind.

For now, I'd just like to observe that it's not every day that I take a phonecall during breakfast.  But, if it does happen, and if I'm asked 'so, what are you eating right now?', and if it's a weekend, I might have to tell a terrible lie.

I might have to say 'spinach omelette', when the truth may be this:

Sometime on Friday, I looked in the fridge and discovered twenty bazillion random half-finished blocks of chocolate.  This is because I have food attention deficit issues.  I like to try all the different chocolates.  But I don't eat the whole block. Nobody wants a fat butt.

So, I melted up all that chocolate with some coconut oil, and mixed in every other bitsy piece of stuff in the fridge and cupboard. This included dried cranberries, apricots, walnut bits and cacao nibs.

Then I poured it into the cups of a silicon muffin pan, squished some nut butter into each one and let it set in the freezer.

These were a surprise hit with visitors. Some of the best things in life are just a happy accident, yes?


  1. OMG! They look TO DIE FOR! So mean of you... I am swearing off all chocolate. *sniff*

  2. Mmm, I love home made chocolates stuffed full of nut butter. I was going to make some yesterday, but had no chocolate and not enough cacao powder. Which made it kind of impossible.

    I shall just live vicariously through your delicious treats.


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