Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Morning


  1. Ha ha! Do you have snow now?

  2. I studied the weather maps (, and the metservice)on Sunday and went on the record on Monday saying there'd be no snow in Christchurch. By Wednesday, the maps were showing a possibility on Sat morning, then yesterday, it was showing it could snow today. I think everyone at work had had a gutsful of the subject and the overpreparedness of management by yesterday. The weather forecasters overpredict to cover their butts and get the farmers moving their stock to better ground. Also some use it as an avenue for self-promoting e.g. Blue Skies.

    Basically, if the 528 line doesn't rise up and sweep over Canterbury, we ain't getting snow. This line is a measure of the thickness (density/coldness) of air. Also to get snow in Chch city, you need a freezing level of 200-300m above sea level. It was showing 500m a.s.l. around Kirwee. So good to be able to know not to be concerned about snow.

  3. Ha ha, you are so funny! Housework is GOOD for the soul girl.


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