Monday, June 03, 2013

The Pasta Masta #2

After all that hard work, we got to the important bit..


Actually, yes, that IS a chunk of blue cheese on top of the gnocchi. My cholesterol levels began begging for mercy ;)

The seemingly unlimited Pinot Gris was included in the price of the course. The Italian course seems a bit pricey (I think about $250), but I've owned textbooks that cost more, and I ask myself: which is more enjoyable?

We didn't make this, it just turned up, like magic. Unfortunately my stomach had rolled over in defeat and happy surrender
by this point and I only managed a spoonful.


  1. Pasta party at yours?

  2. Honora7:09 pm

    It looks wonderful. Keep eating that stuff and you'll look just like Jo before long. She loves to put cream in her recipes. Must be an Apo E3!

  3. Wow... gorgeous looking food, tasty too I bet.


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