Saturday, June 29, 2013


Tomorrow.. there will be food pics.  :D  Or, at least, some random words about health and how you should eat veges and move yur butt, yo.

Today, here is a photo of the supermoon that happened last Sunday. Apparently this happens when you get an perigee (moon orbiting closest to the earth) AND it's a full moon at the same time.  There was too much cloud to get the most impressive pic, which would have been when it rose over the horizon, but it was still amazing.

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  1. It definitely was impressive when I saw it rising over the horizon. Unfortunately I was driving down a freeway at 100kmh, so there was no chance of even a phone pic. Byt the time I got home, it had already risen so high and shrunk so much, I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Boo!

    Your photo is fab! Love the pier lighting, very pretty.


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