Saturday, June 08, 2013

Don't know what you're doing with your Saturday night, but

I got invited to a two person Skype party.

That's me losing it to Olly Murs bottom right. Miss J has a celebrity crush on that boy.

When she was two and three, Miss J would help me exercise by issuing instructions. Her favourite was to involve herself in my yoga by demonstrating the poses and then saying: 'do it like this' (does extremely bendy thing) 'you must TRY HARDER'.  If I pushed her in the stroller, she would yell 'faster!' (and then, once a German speaker, 'schneller!', which was even more frightening).

Today, we were mincing to what must have been very loud sounds on her end and she would interrupt the session to yell: 'do you know this is good for your body, Tante Sara?', then 'it's good for your BONES, you have to exercise for STRONG BONES'. I'm so proud. ;D

It was a fun ten minutes and now.. back to the research report. ;) Hope your Saturday is also fun (and productive?).

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  1. Good to see you're still finding time for some fun amongst the study. :)

    My Saturday night isn't at all glamorous. Chicken in a pot, some choc-chunk banana bread and probably a couple of episodes of Lilyhammer. No dancing or partay-ing for me.



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