Thursday, June 13, 2013

Breathing Again..

I'm not gonna lie, the last 6 months have been a challenging time for me on a personal / mental level. There I was, feeling like life was all perfect and - wham! - stress, pressure and craziness from every direction.  I'm sure every reader can relate to times like this.  Life just does it to you.

Being human = doing time with messy, wild, unpredictable earthly life.


After several months of living with a desperately confused mood, watching my health suffer, falling behind on my work and uni stuff and spending most of my time feeling veery close to the edge, finally... a better day.

It's kind of funny, the way these things work.  Just when you think it's the loneliest day, a new friend arrives from nowhere.  When you think you'll never find the path, suddenly the fog clears.  It's like taking a breath after holding it underwater for a little too long.

Am I being vague? Yes, deliberately. That's because my particular situation is not important. Every life has challenges, and if you hang in there, eventually you get through it. Or, at least, a half-way resting point. ;) I'm one place or the other, although I don't know what changed.

I . feel . better.


Isn't this a health blog, you say?

Ok then.  One of the things I've leaned on in this stressy time is my, by now deeply ingrained, healthy habits. There may have been rather too frequent red wine consumption (allegedly*), but there have been plenty of veges, lean protein, healthy fats and a daily multivit. Just the routine of shopping and cooking is quite therapeutic for me. I enjoy it, yes, even the shopping part!  I'm weird like that..

I've persisted with walking at least four times a week, even when I really wanted to just hibernate  under a duvet (mid-winter over here!) and I have done a bit of yoga. This weekend I am attending a yoga retreat. By Monday, I hope to be a happy noodle.

Cooking (and therefore foodie blog photos) has been super basic. Last night before my Anthroposophy reading group, I threw a few things in the pan. 

Fish, broccoli, mushrooms, sauteed in coconut oil. So easy.

Then I grabbed my camera and new lens (ooo yeah) and decided to take some pics by the river before  attending to the hefty and usually incomprehensible words of Rudolf Steiner. I love that guy, but did he take forever to get to the point?  Yes he did.

This lens is F1.8, and the same focal length as your eye. It has no zoom, so basically you see through the viewfinder what you would see with no camera on your face.

However, it is really good in low light. I was having so much fun that I committed the sin of being 10 minutes late. Then I traipsed across the room, looked down, realised my boots were absolutely covered with river mud and had to make a shamefaced retreat to stash them outside the door.  


Here are some of the pics from last night. I didn't take a tripod, so most were too badly out of focus to be blogworthy. These are completely unedited. Enjoy!

* definition of a true friend: one who goes to their grave without letting slip anything revealed during a drunken Skype, phonecall, Facebook chat or email.  Yup. You may reveal all once we are safely on the other side. 


  1. Wasn't Rudy a racist?


  2. Wow, awesome pics, and I am SO glad the fog has lifted somewhat for you :) Happy days! Good luck on the noodle-retreat - sounds like bliss!

  3. Seems Blogger ate my comment again. I left one yesterday. I'm sure it was important and full of wisdom. Or maybe it was just a virtual hug. :)

  4. Roslyn9:26 pm

    Thanks for this post. I needed it. Life really does 'do it to you' sometimes. All you can do is believe in better times ahead.

  5. Jenn P9:27 pm

    The internet has a lot to answer for. Never before was it possible to be drunk in a way that never goes away. Have you done the 'please delete last nights conversation????'. It's like the walk of shame, but on a whole new level.


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