Friday, June 07, 2013

10 Years Ago.. I Had a Birthday

And, I had one again this year. It was last week .. you know, I'm busy.
My birthday 10 years ago was much cooler.

I was sitting in an ancient, tiny pub in York (I think it was called 'The Alley Cat'), upstairs, looking out the window, and this bard saw me looking out the window and yelled 'Juliet!'.

Then proceeded to ... orate (?) for about 20 minutes. He just didn't stop. I've had a secret crush on him ever since. ;)


  1. And how did I miss this post previously? My priorities are obviously all screwed up. "Read blogs" is going to the top of my daily to-do list!

    I know I wished you happy birthday on the day already, but not commenting on a birthday blog post is just bad form. My bad.

  2. Not so secret now~!


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