Thursday, May 16, 2013

Need Motivation?

Music is such a powerful force.  The right piece can change my mood from 'just can't do it' to 'Not only can I can do this, but I can do anything!' in a few seconds.

This always gets me started (as does the vid at the bottom of this post... check it out if you need some funnies in your day).

Recently, I went ahead and purchased a violin. It's old, Austrian, and has a few chinks, but the sound is gorgeous.  It has been at least 20 years since I last played, but I used to be quite good, so am hoping those skills have just gone to sleep, not vanished completely. 

Sadly, the bow was broken, but once I get that sorted over the weekend, I'll get right back to it. I'll aspire to the level of Salvatore Accardo in.. say... 30 years? 

With daily practice? 
(I wonder how long Razzy will put up with being my audience.  He doesn't like it much when I practice singing.... puts his ears at a sideways angle and gives me the 'are you done yet?' look).

... 40 years.

Do you play a musical instrument?

Apart from the violin, I can play the flute relatively well, and strum a few chords on the guitar relatively badly.  What I would love to do is master the piano.  Unfortunately, I don't have one right now, and even when I did, I never really connected with it.  I dream about being a fantastic pianist, but even with lots of practice, I never got to a position of ease with it. It's fun to keep trying though..

Here is another song that gets me in a 'bring it on!' mood.

Do you use music to get yourself in the right mood for the task at hand?
If you have any favourites, please link it up in the comments.  There is nothing I like better than connecting with someone through music that we both like.

Of course, if you REALLY need a boost. There's always Tough Love (it's short and well worth a watch).


Tomorrow, there may actually be some food on this food blog.  In the meantime, if you are looking for eats, check out the recipes and meal ideas tab.  Time to crank up the Vivaldi and bake a vegan fruit crumble? Yes, I think so.


  1. I can play the trumpet & guitar.... but haven't done for AGES!

    1. trumpet? Woooah, that's cool. We should practice up and jam. I've never seen a trumpet/violin duo, but I'm sure it's an idea whose time has come.

    2. who's time has come? Uh oh. I may need the grammar policr today.

  2. I am SUCH a Tosca fan. Love the animal vid.

  3. I can't play a single musical instrument.
    My musical tastes vary... latest stuff to really old stuff... it's all good.


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