Saturday, May 11, 2013

Even More Deadly

I decided to veganise the Death by Chocolate cake, thereby rendering it even more deadly.  This version actually gives me a speedy pulse.

It's intense and you already know my problem with photographing chocolate cake. It never looks as good as in real life.  You'll have to use your inner visualisation to mentally ramp up the yum factor. 

Here's a better pic from a day when my camera was loving me, the lighting was outdoorsy and I had time to mess around with editing.

Maybe just the thing for Mother's Day tomorrow?

I used the old favourite recipe, with some replacements:

* Replace the butter with coconut oil (2/3 cup - don't go by weight - butter is heavier for its bulk)
* Replace the eggs and sour cream with 1.5 bananas and 4 tbsp apple sauce
* Use coconut milk in the frosting instead of cream
* Make sure your chocolate is vegan. I used this one
* As usual, it was gluten-free: rice flour with 1 tbsp arrowroot to give it some springy-ness.

I intended to use all that vegan chocolate energy as a 'power up the study' treat buuuuut... burned through it sweating over some Sana software/human fallibility issues, which you'll know about by now if you were affected (and if you were.. a bazillion more apologies).

Which means today, Saturday, is rather more about surveys and questionnaires than it should be. Partying hard on the weekend, just me and :D   That really does sound more exciting than it is.

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Something to think about over the weekend:


  1. You didn't really want to 'friend' me, skype me and tweet me? Rejected.

    1. Go for it Matt, just accept! Oh.. maybe another round of apologies? 'I'm sorry if my previous two apologies made it seem like I didn't want you to accept any networking invites'

  2. Oh my golly gee..... I think I love you. Amazing!

  3. You know I don't give a hoot about the veganness (is that a word?) or otherwise of the recipe, but you just said the magic words: coconut milk and coconut oil. I'm giving this version a try next time I make it.

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