Sunday, April 07, 2013

Sika & Lunch with The Girls

So, there's these three Nutritionists walk into a room and..

.. unbeknownst to each other, order identical meals.

The beetroot and feta patty with side salad was whispering 'eat me' at a frequency that only Nutritionists can hear.

That was Saturday afternoon - a welcome visit from two out-of-town classmates (my people!). We.. talked about food.  As you do.

Saturday evening, we headed over the hill to SHE Chocolat and I shook out all the stress in my bod to the sounds of Sika, live.

It was more than amazing. It was.. transformational.

Afterwards, I intercepted his exit to deliver a big hug and almost squealed "I am your biggest fan!", but, you know.. it's best to maintain a level of cool detachment when possible.


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