Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Pics from the last few weeks..

Clearing out the camera card.. ;)

Almond Cheese about to happen

Breakfast. This was going to be my last espresso before caffeine detox but.. erm.. about that...

This was a bribe: 'proofread my Omega-3 position statement and I'll make you a vegan fruit crumble'

Taken at Hokitika last weekend

The hotel. This is where that Omega-3 assignment got written
The treetops walk (Hokitika). Not for those with a fear of heights! It wobbles a bit..


  1. Good to see you got some fresh air and took in the sights. All work and no play and all that...

    I love me a treetop walk, and yet I'm terrified of heights. Go figure. (I don't look down)

    1. There was a man up there that was having some sort of panic attack, and was shuffling slowly back to ground level. He was sweating and shaking and obviously distressed by the way the thing wobbled... poor fella.


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