Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's Up? New Habits.

I just found these two consecutive images on my camera card:



There's probably a subconscious message there somewhere. Honestly, sometimes the view is so distracting around here..

I wanted to blog a little (and it will be short as I'm racing off to a lecture on free radicals) about the health changes I've made recently. Today I'll just blab about the physical stuff, but there have also been a bunch of emotional adjustments that got me to this point, and those should get some blog time in the near future.

Basically, I've done three things: given up alcohol, increased alkaline food (veg), and cut back the caffeine.

Giving up wine, believe it or not, just 'happened'.  Very strange, yes?  I was pouring out my nightly glass, and found myself questioning why I was doing it.  Why was I holding on to an outdated coping mechanism, a carry-over from an incredibly stressful time of my life? Why woolly up my thinking when actually, I feel pretty good sober? 

So, that was that.  I'm sure I'll drink again, but at the moment. No desire.

Next. Caffeine, or more correctly: coffee (green tea and mate are still my buddies). I've started reducing the coffee consumption again, and this time it's because my research tells me that coffee (not caffeine per se, but something else in coffee) interferes with platelet function.

Hello, my old friend.

I'm not going cold turkey (god, no), or intending to give up completely. I'm aiming for one every second day. So far, I haven't punched anyone.

Lastly, I'm devoting myself to a more alkaline diet, which in practical terms, translates into mucho fruit and veg.  

The nightly bowl of greenery from the raised gardens is now a firm habit, even though I reserve the right to bitch and moan about how long it takes to inspect for bug life.

The evening salad also doubles as a next-day lunch.

There's some protein under there, and some chocolate in with my fruit.  I'm not a guru yogi that can live on raw food and air.

More pics from last night's munching:

I'm not actually a fan of boiled broccoli. I tend to bake it, which makes delicious crunchy bits that are probably carcinogenic.  A bit of pecorino cheese isn't awful either.

The results of this small changes? Well, most noticeably, I lost quite a bit of weight (3kg) in the last 6 weeks (putting me at 55kg for those that like full disclosure ;), and my brain feels calm, rather than slightly stressy and hyper, as is my usual state. Just a few small changes, nothing radical.  Just . like . magic. ;D

And with that, I'd really better get moving in the direction of my car. Getting parking near the hospital always tests my patience. Even an alkalanised, lo-caff person can get a bit of road rage while making endless passes down the same street, sending out desperate prayers for an empty space.  Parking in Christchurch can turn you religious.  Fact.


  1. Honora7:10 pm

    Congrats on feeling so good. The parking is diabolical around the hospital alright. So glad I can bike there.

    1. Ay, yes. I'm attending the Otago Uni lectures there on Wed nights - so far very interesting. You should get along there.

  2. So great to hear you are feeling so well :) Ha, I'm the opposite, back on the caffeine wagon (working 6 days a week!) Oh I LOVE baked broccoli, especially the crispy bits ;)

    1. Caffeine is very addictive. It makes you feel so good and the down side is not really so bad. Nobody ever lost their job or ended up in prison through going on a coffee binge (as far as I know). ..

  3. Huh. I left a comment this afternoon via my phone and it's disappeared... Boo, Blogger! :(

    I'm right there with you. Less coffee, heaps more veggies and NO ALCOHOL and I've waved goodbye to 5kg in the past 6 weeks. Plus I feel calm and even happy...

    1. Go you! And yet, people still go 'ohhh, how did you get so skinny??'. I've given up. I just say 'dunno, just happened, guess I'm lucky'. It's not worth it

  4. Parking at ANY hospital can drive ya crazy!
    I love salads, but like you I take a long time to find all the bugs! I ate half a caterpillar in me broccoli once and threw up! Never want to repeat that experience.

    1. I once boiled a very large caterpillar with the silverbeet. I saw him before eating him, but it was enough to make me permanently suspicious of silverbeet.

      Traumatised forever.

    2. I also once found live weevils in a dried fruit bar and actually ate some before realising the thing was wiggling. Yeah. Have NEVER EVER eaten one again, and never will. Uh uh.


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