Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tonight's Platelet Building Effort

While searching for a bit of linkage, I came across this quote..

"If vitamin K was money and silverbeet was a young heiress, then silverbeet would be spiraling in a drug-soaked, never-ending socialite party all the way to rehab, and possible eventual salvation through buddhism."

..and realised that, as regards interesting blog content, I really could try harder.

Good effort Very Edible Gardens.  Love it.

Silverbeet, mushrooms, onions, a little Piedmontese mince from Lake Farm, and fermented nut cheese to add the necessary 'zing' factor. Everything but the cheese was sauteed in coconut oil (oil aids absorption of fat soluble vitamins, like.. um... the secret hand signal that lets you sneak three extra kids onto the rollercoaster for free). 

Needs work?

Any tips on getting my platelets turning up like teenagers to a Facebook party?



  1. OK, can't help ya with the platelets.

  2. Looks interesting and yum to me :-) I luuuvvv silverbeet!


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