Monday, March 25, 2013

The Week(End) in Eats

A.K.A The Perils of Restaurant Lighting.

People who spend 10 minutes not eating while they get the white balance right?  Those people ...aren't me. :D

Cafe Paris - Hokitika. The food there was just amazing. It was all about flavours and the service was super quick,
even though there seemed to only be two people in the kitchen.
 I wanted to hug the chef, but he looked a bit busy, plus that would be unhygienic.

Cafe Paris really is like a Paris bistro. All it needs to be authentic is a little dog running around.
Beachfront Hotel, Hokitika. The man breakfast.

Our room. The view made everything taste awesome even though the continental breakfast was.. well, what you'd expect.

Breakfast. A french omelette with spinach and onion. 

Cafe Paris oven baked fish. The crust on this was kind of cinnamon-y and rosemary-ish.  With descriptions like that, it's probably fine that I'm not headed for a career in food critique.

Jase had the venison, which was berry-y. ;)  Is that a 'jus'? French terminology is beyond me.

I think that is either a) a garnish or b) a piece of grass that blew in the window.

This was the first trip where I regularly spied other people taking photographs of their food. The alert system for this occurrence involved a kick to the shins followed by a 'look over there' head swoosh from my companion. The Programmer is permanently cued to any camera activity and suffers terribly (and audibly) if the camera in question happens to be superior to his one.

It's interesting how times have changed since blogging took off. Six years ago, people definitely looked sideways when I got out the Finepix in restaurants.  Now, even the most uptight waiters hardly raise a plucked eyebrow.

Speaking of which: male waiters have nice eyebrows, yes?


  1. Honora9:34 pm

    Saw someone at Alice's taking a photo of the table settings the other day. Partner Frank was inspired by the blog eggsbaconchipsandbeans. to start taking photos.

    1. Oooo, that's cool! He actually takes pics of eggs, bacon, chips and beans.. :D Love it.

  2. You mean there are people who DON'T photograph their food...?


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