Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Week in Eats + Palmy Pics

Fruit and yogurt is my go-to travel breakfast if I'm not in the mood for eggs

Espresso at Joe's Garage.  I'm really cutting back the caffeine but had a few nights of insomnia in the hostel and therefore... it was justified (insomnia -> caffeine -> insomnia? mm hmm).  That poor bloke on the front page got eaten by a shark! :-/ Wow.
This is practically unheard of in NZ and was all over the news in horrifying detail. 
Omelette with vit K delivery system (silverbeet and kale) + MVM Plus multi.  I'm increasing my vitamin K consumption with the thought that this may bring my platelet count up.  

Snackbox for university.  The 'Slimmer's Choice' is there because it was the only unsweetened yogurt I could find that was in small pottles. I felt a bit self-conscious eating it in a room of nutritionists. On the side it says Weight Watchers.
This sounded good.
..and was. I left a pile of croutons, as usual.
At Willows cafe today. Testing the new zoom lens for the Nikon 1.
Lunch at Willows
Other Pics from Last Week

Around campus

The hostel

Cleo (3-legged cat) just crawled out from under the deck, covered in cobwebs (she does not have arachnophobia)


  1. That shark attack was gruesome. The poor guy. :( They hardly ever happen here either, just quietly. I think there was one in WA last year...?

    Love the pics, your camera is a beauty! That fruit salad is so vivid, I swear i could reach out and grab a strawberry.

    1. Don't lick the computer screen. It doesn't work.

  2. OK, so your hostel is VERY cute.... and Misty would go NUTS over that vintage Tonka truck (who are we kidding - I would go nuts over it).... I remember that Slimmers choice yoghurt - it's actually OK yoghurt, I used to by it in NZ cos it was the only plain stuff you could get in a small size. Very pretty final photo - love the shirt (I'm a huge check/tartan fan!)

    1. I love tartan too (maybe my Scottish grandma coming through? She's a 'McIntosh'). That shirt was $9 in a parallel import sale. Best deal ever. It's so comfy.

  3. Does your cat have green whiskers?

  4. Love your pics! I noticed the cat whiskers too, (such a cutie). Love the idea of free fitness classes, however I don't often look down to the ground when I walk ;-) Your food photos always look irresitable, - I like that Slimmers Choice yoghurt, - nice and plain! I rate that Whittakers choc also :-)


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