Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Sunday Ritual

Yesterday I spent most of the day mooching around the Mind, Body and Spirit festival, eating bean burgers at the Lotus Heart stall, getting holistically pulsed and exchanging grins with Sika, who is the smilingest person ever (he's got two albums - 'Lightning Man' and 'Bubbling' on Spotify, for anyone that's a paid up member).

I didn't break out the camera because in every direction people were having some sort of consultation with a therapist or spiritualist. Maybe I should have done it anyway and captured a few auras or spirit guides?   I'm sure my Nikon1 has a mode that would do the job, but, as I have no patience for any option but 'auto', I'll probably never locate the 'etheric' setting.

I'm considering heading back to the festival later today for a workshop on ethical business. This is what I like: being able to connect with like-minded individuals and meet some inspiring ones (like this lady). What I don't like about 'health/lifestyle/fitness' festivals (not to mention the weight loss, supplement and cosmetic industries in general)?  Companies and individuals with the sales pitch of 'there is something wrong with you and we can fix it'.  

I'm not into that at all. It is my opinion that coming at people with a 'you are so screwed up' vibe, is not really helpful.  I got chatting to one of the Bowen therapists there, and discovered that there was probably something wrong with me, which would be revealed if I got on her table and let her fondle my blocked energies to the tune of $20. I gave her a hug, which I hope had a big dose of unblocked heart energy behind it, and backed away in the direction of the She Chocolat stand.  That's where I found everything my chakras needed ;)

Today was the usual Sara/Programmer Sunday ritual. Walk to the market, take a few pics

Get a brownie and a coffee at the cafe, read the paper or perhaps a home renovation or food magazine

Drop the plastic bags and have to chase them all over the place (far right)

Buy apples, watermelons and carrots

then head home and use those gluten-free brownie calories to power through a blog post and a bunch of things on the 'to do' list.  

So.. that's me.  How is your Sunday shaping up?


  1. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Its been a while since ive been to these festivals because everyone wants to "flog" their products or services. I wonder rather than coming from there must be something wrong with your body/life angle, ie; you must have energy blocks to selling their products or services with how ie; bowen therapy by doing it on a regular basis will make you feel great etc. In other words they'd be better off focussing on how the service or product adds value to your life. Who doesnt want to add value to their life?

  2. I went to our local farmers' market last Sunday - fabulous food, and a lot of it was cheaper than supermarket prices. Alas, it's only a monthly event. :(

    Today, I'm hanging about at home, doing a bit of necessary domestic stuff, maybe some reading, and looking forward to the public holiday tomorrow. :)


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