Friday, March 29, 2013

Fuzzy Peaches

Today is an end-of-summer day with a warm wind and stunning blue sky. It's the type of day that could make you accidentally fall asleep on the river bank and get behind on the study schedule (oops).

It's also Good Friday. Instead of hot cross buns, I raided the peach tree. Peaches make more sense as a symbol of fertility and renewed life than buns, eggs, bunnies and church, that's for sure.

Peaches: not just yummy, and shaped like an easter egg, but also high in vitamins B3, C and E, copper and potassium. They contain 15mg of phytosterols each. My guess is that with the B3 and phytosterols, peaches are good for the cholesterol levels.

Especially when eaten six at a time.. ;)

Like so:

I hope you are all having a relaxing day off and/or working with enthusiasm and dedication on your nutrigenomics assignment (guess which applies in my case?).


  1. Mmm, peaches! Had one myself today. As for relaxing, I've been inventing recipes. Something you would like...

    I may go an have a late afternoon nap now. Don't study too hard!

  2. Oh your peaches look so yummy .. And your choice of accompaniment!! My day included a run, baking hot cross buns and chocolate!!

  3. Great peaches! YUM! I had a spinach/sundried tomato and feta scone with a trim flat white coffee for brekkie with Mum and Dad at a little beachside cafe in Riverton! Then after a beach walk with them, lunch at another beachside cafe, - had their special of steamed mussels with coriander, wine and cream sauce! Was delicious, (I would generally prefer a tomato salsa to a cream sauce), - but didn't want to rock the boat and upset the chef too much as it was flatout today! Now am trying to study up on neurons and muscle fibres! It's interesting where I I have to write essays and describe sequences of actions making sure I include many words I've never heard of! All good, am enjoying it lots. I am a slower learner than I would like to be and it takes me for ever to register and cover a small bit :-)

  4. Yep, I think you can keep the assignment!
    OMG those peaches look amazingly yum.


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