Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I wouldn't think myself prone to dependent relationships, but let's get real: when your coffee machine breaks, it's a pretty desperate feeling.

The benchtop beast has been with me for five happy years. When The Programmer and I temporarily parted ways in 2008, I couldn't even make a dramatic exit because I was carrying 10+kg of Saeco Royal Espresso Deluxe and couldn't open the door by myself (it's ok to laugh).  It's stuck by me through assignments and exams, and hung in there through the indignities of de-caf and dandelion coffee.

And now it's wrecked. The ceramic coffee burr 'got wet' when someone mistook it for the wassertank and is all gummed up with bean paste (coffee would make good glue, it seems) and non-functional. We are going to try and disassemble it tonight and remove the gunk. However, early indications are that it might not survive the surgery. I need to prepare myself for the worst.

As I've got a research proposal and Omega 3 review due, like now, I've had to discover a new source.  Yes, I've cut back on coffee, but if I suddenly went from some to none, what might happen?  My brain would stop and I'd die. 

Luckily there is a cafe close to the house. I need to sort the situation though, because it's getting embarrassing. Me and my pile of papers have suddenly become an every day fixture, and what's worse, I keep running into the same doctor that works in the health centre next door (once, nearly literally, my car and his car when I was exiting the supermarket at high speed).  I'm concerned that people might think I'm a stalker.  Does anyone else have thoughts like that? It seems a bit paranoid, I should just get over it and claim my right to go wherever I want, right?

In any case, what I'm actually stalking is really good espresso and.. this.

Gluten free brownie. This may not be the healthiest breakfast, but it does get the brain cranked up way past 11 for a few hours. I think it's made with coconut flour, or magic brownie dust from heaven. I want the recipe so bad. Who do I have to bribe?

Something with Cabbage

Continuing with the cafe stalker behaviour, on the weekend I was once again at Willows Cafe and, it being St Patricks day, ate something green and Irish - the 'Pot of Gold', which was cabbage and bacon.

This is the easiest thing I've ever plagiarised made.

Mine was a stove-top version (whereas, the cafe one was in a lidded ramekin). White cabbage and preservative-free bacon (Banfields) boiled with a little water, salt and then some mustard stirred through.

I added some more veges: pumpkin, courgette, roasted garlic..

That's it for today. If anyone catches me blogging before the research proposal is done, please phone me for a firm discussion about how much it sucks to know you could have done better.

Ta. Feel free to get on my ass if you think I'm slacking. Sometimes it does take a few good slaps to get me heading in the right direction ;)

Easily distracted, that's the problem.. 


  1. *ahem* If you ever do get that recipe for the gluten free brownie, don't forget to share...

  2. mmmmm brownie! Oh SO SAD when coffee machines bite the dust - it's devastating ;) I truly feel your pain!


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