Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pics from the weekend, OTAT

This weekend has just *flown by*, like one of those birdies that I don't know the names of in the last post (sorry, I'm clueless with birdie identities.. ).

As usual, there was shopping and food prep. I even scoured the fridge and made it clean again (what . a . mission). The source of a pervasive 'something died' smell was located and turned out to be a festering pile of meat juice from Razzy's petfood.  Mmmm.. so good.

Today we flooded the wash house, walked to the market. It was a standard Sunday. :-/

Pics:  I love the look of this pink sauerkraut. The flavour is not as nice as the regular white cabbage kraut, but it is pretty in photo's.

Skype with Miss J. She has had a haircut. Very swish, yes? She is just mastering writing, but prefers to send emoticons and make up a story to go with them. We both think the 'exploding face' icon is hilarious.

She's growing up so fast! (*sob*). Can't even handle it.

Omelette with nut cheese.  Perfect breakfast.

Skyping in progress. We had dinner at Mamasana's last night, which involved munching, skyping, setting up her new TV and drinking maybe a little vino? (I would never..).

Blah, blah, blah...

blah, blah, blah ,blah....

Coffee today at Willows cafe. Here I am shown making a stand against photoshop and makeup. Bloggers, let's unite against sanitised pictures of ourselves. Let's show our real selves, in all our blotchy, regrowth showing, unflattering angle magnificence!

If you can manage a bra strap peeking, and work up a double chin that's especially good.

Sauerkraut.  A new batch, with kelp salt (hence, little black specks).

I hope your weekend has been as full of love and fun as mine was.

Here comes a new week and, following Shauna's lead, I am resolving to time manage by focusing on one thing at a time (OTAT).  It's a bit late to be a new years resolution, but considering I've never been on time for any major life event (graduated university at 39, etc. etc.), I think it's probably all right.



  1. Mmm, I'm going to have to try some homemade sauerkraut. I like OTAT, something I need to try to do more.....I'm a terrible multitasker, I get distracted and off track easily.

  2. I'm great at the old bra-strap-peekage too ;) mmmm pet food meat juice - sounds delicious! Looks like a great weekend - and now you've reminded my I need to lean out MY fridge - frightening.


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