Friday, February 15, 2013


Thank you to everyone that commented on my last post. I realise that a few regular readers don't drop by every day, but based on that 24hr experiment, I'd have to estimate that about 80% of hits to a single post are not real people.


Ah well. Thinking about it, the main reason I blog is for relaxation and nothing changes that. It's sort of my reward for a day well played.  I clicked through to a couple of new blogs in those comments - this one and this one - that second one has a ginger cat AND some serious skilled handiwork, you should check it out.  Therefore, this year, everyone that commented, or that comments generally, can be my blog commentor valentine. Happy Belated Valentines Day!!

(kiss, kiss)

As regards the good looking household Programmer Valentine, I pre-emptively took the special measure of warning him by gtalk that we would be doing presents and cards this year.  I saw him log off early, and wondered what he was up to...

It turns out that he was facing up to the terrifying task of dress shopping.  I should point out here that The Programmer is actually quite good with fashion and once gave me a thorough breakdown on what styles would suit my shape according to Trinny and Suzannah (hint: I'm a 'Suzannah'). It's a surprising skill in a man.

The result?

Not bad, huh?  He did good! Please excuse the hair.

Well, really, there's probably no excuse for it, but just try..

I got him the new Jean Paul Gaultier cologne (before remembering that I'm boycotting JPG because he's a douche) and a funny book.

If you don't know about Maru please CLICK HERE. If that doesn't make you LOL, you are probably dead.

After getting dressed for the pic, I announced a very localised cooking strike and we headed off to do that most romantic activity of long term couples:

Shop for kitchen appliances.

Finally, we have a Sodastream. I'm such a fan of bubbly water, but at $4 a bottle, it was time to embrace DIY. Plus it sounds like a fart when it's operating, which makes me laugh because, inside, I'm 4.

Post spendage, we walked/limped (stupid shoes!) to La Porchetta where I munched the smoked salmon salad and had a glass of Pinot.  It was a great day and I hope, whether you were romancing someone else or just romancing yourself, that you took in the spirit of St Valentine and let the love flow and the cheeky grins show. :D

Tomorrow: yellow nails and scary needles.


  1. OH I want your Valentines day it sound perfect even buying appliances ( I to want a farting bubble machine ) and limping in shoes that really where only made becouse men needed us to slow down. Love the dress hope you did your hair lol. Alas there was no Love flowing here not even a daisy picked from the garden :0( the horrible state I am in (I have a virus) is being used as the excuse .So thankyou I will yet again live through another :0)

  2. Gorgeous dress - you are looking fab :)

    Viper would be jealous of that soda stream for sure.... I'n not a big fan of bubbles, but he has wanted one for AGES!

  3. You look lovely in your dress.
    Soda stream, we have had 2 or 3 in the past... and always end up giving them away!


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