Saturday, February 02, 2013

Breaking the Diet..

This morning I gave Razzy his usual ration, then half an hour later, I wandered into the kitch to find this:

"They can't see me"
He was being sooooo quiet. I didn't hear a rustle or a crunch. It was a sneaky manoeuvre, and as you can see, it's not obvious that there's a cat in that bag.

It's my fault. Whiskas are the emergency catfood that nobody eats, and I left the bag on the table after getting the real food out.  He's down 450g in three months, which is slow but steady. Only 2kg to go now....:-/ I guess a little diet break won't destroy all our progress..

See ya later with the friand recipe.


  1. Ha! Love it, sneaky Razz-Attack ;)

  2. :D He clearly has the slinky build and athleticism required to be a cat burgler...

  3. I can see the logic. I can't see them, therefore they can't see me. That's a chubby tummy.

  4. Dougal did the same thing yesterday! Maybe it was the phases of the moon or something making our pets extra hungry? :P

    1. You could be on something there.. Yesterday Razzy also completely beat up a cat that he normally just 'has words' with. I've actually never seen him fight before and he was quite scary. Probably the exercise did both of them good (they were rolling around on the ground trying to kill each other), but nobody needs a big, fat vets bill right now...

  5. Replies
    1. Yup. It was even funnier the way he went *completely still* as I approached. If there hadn't been a big, orange cats bum sticking out of the bag, I might never have noticed there was a theft in progress... :-/


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